Successfully Connecting The Dentist’s Present With Their Future

Serving Texas (excluding Dallas/Fort Worth and Greater Houston areas) and New Mexico


Buying or selling a practice? Looking for a trusted partner to help during the transition? We are experts in listing your dental practice for sale and connecting people to the best opportunities for their business!

WHY DDSmatch?


WHY DDSmatch?

Who We Are

Who We Are

The Trusted Transition Process™

The Trusted Transition Process™


DDSmatch The Trusted Transition Process™

DDSmatch The Trusted Transition Process™

Landing the Airplane (The Trusted Transition Process™)

Finding the Perfect Match (Our Match Process)

Prepared for Anything (Legal Counsel)

Fair Practice Evaluation (Third-party Business Valuations)

Transitioning on Your Terms (Practice Optimizer Experience)


Andy Edmister & Randy Kinnison, DDSmatch
Helping Dentists Transition in Texas (excluding Dallas/Fort Worth and Greater Houston areas) and New Mexico

Years in the Industry

Andy Edmister has enjoyed more than 20 years in the dental industry, forming strong relationships with dentists selling solutions, products, and services to dentists in Texas and New Mexico. After working for a highly respected company with a deep focus on integrity and doing what was right for the customer, it was important for him to find a brand with those same principles. He found it in DDSmatch Southwest and explains that,

“DDSmatch differentiates itself with The Trusted Transition Process™ plus a broad spectrum of dental relationships and a data-rich, searchable website that is unique in the area of practice transitions, sales, and mergers.

“It is critical to understand that these are very personal transactions. I take time with dentists, both sellers and buyers, to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, so we can easily and effectively transition their legacy in the form of patients, staff, and practice. It is an amazing feeling, both personally and professionally, to have the responsibility of being a trusted partner and advisor when a person is making life changing decisions.

“I am motivated by knowing that I am helping a person with his/her legacy and an important change in their life with the services that we can provide. The hand-off is extremely important, and I take satisfaction in watching the practice to continue to serve its patients, staff, and community.”

Randy Kinnison has had an extensive entrepreneurial career from owning commercial real estate and small businesses to being involved in start-ups, acquisitions, and transitions of multiple companies. He has learned through experience that transitions are based on relationships and trust, with a team-oriented approach that enables him to be a valuable asset to a transitioning dentist. Clients appreciate his helpful, knowledgeable assistance throughout the process. Randy says,

“Our clients are real people and their life’s work is in that dental office.

“To be able to bring DDSmatch’s processes, technology, and team of experts to dentists as they transition means that we are helping many people to achieve their dreams of retirement, and on the other side, their dreams of practice ownership. That motivates me.

I will echo Andy, that this is personal and relationships have to be strong. You can’t rush this process; it needs to be completed with detail and integrity. I have a strong work ethic and that is what it takes to see these transitions through, so everything goes smoothly for our clients.”

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“You are both genuine people who care more about the customer than the dollar and understand that the dollar follows when you take care of people.”

— Emily Craft, DDS

“I could not have done it without DDSmatch. It’s one of those situations where you just don’t know what you don’t know, so Andy and Randy were absolutely instrumental . . . They’re more than willing to do whatever they can to help . . . it couldn’t have been any easier using DDSmatch . . . Ultimately, DDSmatch will make your life so much easier in acquiring a practice.”

— Kevin Shively, DMD (See full story here)

“. . . they go above and beyond what has to be done to list a practice. I can’t say enough good about DDSmatch . . . they did everything that I needed help done. They supplied all the paperwork, all the forms. They did all of the listing and advertising, and all I had to do was be there to open the door when they brought someone out.”

— Bill Dean, DDS (read the full story here)

“They were very good. Very good. They helped me come to grips with even just making the decision . . . They were very good friends . . .

I would definitely recommended DDSmatch, Andy and Randy particularly . . . I would not recommend anybody else. And I’d never do it alone.”

— Gwen Eaker, DMD (See full story here)

“It was a pleasure doing business with [DDSmatch Southwest]. You were able to sell my practice when three other brokers failed.

“Selling one’s dental practice and retiring from 48 years dentistry is not an easy, painless decision, but through your guidance (and a bit of counseling too), you made it happen with a buyer to whom I feel very comfortable turning over my practice.

“Your professionalism was absolutely critical to the successful sale and transition of my dental practice, and I am deeply grateful.”

— Bill Wolfe, DDS

“I would literally tell anyone, call those guys up. Follow exactly what they say to do, and just let them do it. There was zero effort on my part to do this.”

— Mitch Conditt, DDS (See full story and video here)

“If someone came to me and said, “Hey, thinking about selling through DDSmatch. Should I do that?” I would say, “Yeah. They’re an awesome company. They have really hard working brokers.”  . . . You want somebody who’s going to work really hard to not only get you a buyer, but get you the right buyer and cares about that, and who cares about the deal. They care about all the components . . . such as making it a good win-win for all parties involved. Even though the brokers represent the seller in the deal, and they do so zealously, it’s important that the buyer feels good about the deal too. Because, again, you don’t want problems that could derail the deal, you don’t want problems after the deal.

So they do a really good job at making sure that it’s a win-win and that everybody is happy, and that it’s fair and reasonable for everybody. Again, they work really hard, so certainly I would advocate their services.”

— David Cohen, Cohen Law Firm, dental attorney (See full story and video here)

“Andy has always been very, very supportive, very thorough, very proactive. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the process. He made it easy for me, and I couldn’t think of a better person looking in retrospect to have handled that than Andy. I give him all the kudos in the world because he handled that with smoothness, with grace, with intelligence. It was handled very, very well.

Andy handled everything on a very personal level. Your issues were his issues . . . the thing that was amazing with me was that I absolutely knew nothing, but absolutely had an amazing experience, and that’s because Andy took good care of me. . . . He’s a good guy. He looks out for his clientele.”

— John Ward, DDS (Read the full story here)

“I would definitely do it again. It was really a really good experience. I’m not just saying that for this interview. I wouldn’t have done the interview if I didn’t think that. But Andy just said, ‘Text me anytime of the day or night. Whatever you need, just ask questions.’ He would find an answer for it. We had many, many ups and downs all the way through the whole process. Andy even helped us when we had to have the meeting with the staff and say, ‘Hey, this is coming down the pipe.’ He ran the meeting and answered questions. A lot of people were worried and things. It just made it a lot easier. A lot of the uneasiness, he calmed it down a lot.

“I just think they’re highly accurate. They work for you. Very friendly, very knowledgeable, and they’ll take care of you. If you have any issues, you tell them, and they’ll watch out extra carefully, just to make sure those issues are covered before you actually sell. There was no time in the process where I couldn’t have walked up to him and said, ‘Andy, this isn’t right. We’re out of here.’ He would’ve said, ‘Okay, let’s go. Let’s move on.’”

— John Johnson, DDS (See full story and video here)