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Dental practice transitions are complex—leave nothing to chance.

With hundreds of successful matches, DDSmatch offers deep expertise to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Our brokers bring years of dental industry experience and expert dental practice appraisals from an industry-leading accounting partner. Our exclusive Trusted Transition Process™ ensures every detail is covered, while our exclusive Clinical Treatment Analyzer ™ completed by Dr. Charles Blair and Associates reveals future opportunities. DDSmatch Southwest serves dentists buying a dental practice in Texas and New Mexico, matching them with those selling a dental practice or looking for associates. Our proprietary process guarantees your confidentiality and an unsurpassed level of care and planning.

Dental transitions require careful planning and preparation.  No one is better skilled at ensuring nothing is missed so that all parties are left with a brighter future.

“I would literally tell anyone, call those guys up. Follow exactly what they say to do, and just let them do it. There was zero effort on my part to do this.” — Mitch Conditt, DDS

Selling a Dental Practice?

A retiring dentist needs an advisor who can manage the many challenges that can arise.

DDSmatch helps you expertly navigate the complicated process of selling the asset you have worked so hard to build while carefully transferring the care to a

nother dentist.  You benefit from expert guidance and the entire process stays entirely in your control…the timing, price, and final buyer selection are always in your hands.

Our team works closely with your attorney, accountant, financial advisor, practice management consultant and any other person on your transition team to create the future you’re dreaming of.

Andy has always been very, very supportive, very thorough, very proactive. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the process. He made it easy for me, and I couldn’t think of a better person looking in retrospect to have handled that than Andy. I give him all the kudos in the world because he handled that with smoothness, with grace, with intelligence. It was handled very, very well. — John Ward, DDS

Buying a Dental Practice?

Whether you are looking to buy a dental practice or seeking associate opportunities, we are uniquely prepared to work with you to find the right match.

Dentistry is a highly specialized field—it is critical to have experience on your side when you’re ready to buy a dental practice. During the course of a transition, buyers and their advisors need a tremendous amount of information to determine whether it is a fit.  All advisors must collaborate to ensure all items are in order and reach a mutually-beneficial agreement between the two parties. ed before you actually sell. There was no time in the process where I couldn’t have walked up to him and said, ‘Andy, this isn’t right. We’re out of here.’ He would’ve said, ‘Okay, let’s go. Let’s move on.’” — John Johnson, DDS


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